CRO&KNIT DIY Bookmarks

Materials needed for this project:

Thick paper.

Paper puncture.

Pair of scissors.

Preferred colors (watercolors, pencils, markers etc...).

Some extra Yarn from previous projects.

Paper size:

Choose one of the sizes listed below or you can choose your preferred size.

Small: 2” x 6” inch.

Medium: 2” x 7” inch.

Large: 2.5” x 8.5” inch.

Create your own masterpiece

First make the bookmarker:

1. Cut the thick paper into your preferred size or you can print our readymade designs by downloading the pdf below.

Cro&Knit bookmarks
Download PDF • 1.81MB

NOTE: Adjust your printer settings to print on thick paper so the paper do not get stuck inside the printer.

2. Go crazy with the colors!

3. Make a hole on the bottom or top of the paper using the paper puncture to attach the tassel later.

Second thing is to make the tassel using yarn leftovers:

1. Wrap the yarn 10 times around your figures just like demonstrated below and cut the yarn.

2. Add of piece yarn through the wrapped yarn and make a knot.

3. Remove the yarn from your hand and wrap all yarn with another long piece of yarn. Place it under the knot made in step 3 and make sure to leave half an inch at least between them then tie.

5. Cut the bottom section of the yarn in a straight line.

Now your tassel is ready, attach it to your marker by pulling one end of the tassel's tails through the hole in the paper and make a knot.

All done!.

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