Crochet Ear Protector

Face masks became essential in our daily life due to COVID-19, but they are not always comfortable to wear. They can cause irritation behind the ears when you wear them for a long period of time.

CRO&KNIT offers you this quick and easy pattern to make an ear protector that you can easily wash and re-use.

What you will need:

CRO&KNIT T-shirt Yarn.

• 7.00 mm crochet hook.

• Two buttons.

• Sewing thread.

• A large needle for weaving in the ends.

• Sewing needle for attaching the buttons.

Terminology (US):

• Slip Stitch - sl st.

• Chain - ch

• Half Double Crochet - hdc.

Pattern instructions:

This project will be worked in single round along both sides of the starting chains and the standard stitch required to crochet is half double crochet (hdc). The overall skill level required is beginner with basic knowledge.

Finished size:

About 13 cm in width.

NOTE: the size might be slightly different it depends on your stitches if they were tight or loose.

Drawn Pattern

Written Pattern

Leaving a long tail make 14 starting chains.

Make one half double crochet in the third chain from the hook. Continue to make one half double crochet in each stitch (total of 10).

When you reach the last stitch make 6 half double crochet in the same stitch.

Continue to crochet along the other side of the starting chains, half double crochet in each stitch until you reach the last stitch.

Make 4 half double crochet in the same stitch and slip stitch into the second chain.

Leave a long tail and cut the yarn. Use the large eye needle to weave in both ends.

Now attach the two bottoms using the sewing needle and the thread. Position them at both ends of the ear protector.

That's it! Make some more for you and your loved one and keep safe. Do not forget to share a picture of your ear protector with us via Instagram by simply clinking on the link below.

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