Potholder Crochet Pattern

What you will need:

• 1 piece of CRO&KNIT T-shirt Yarn.

• 7.00 mm crochet hook.

• A large needle for weaving in the ends.

Terminology (US):

• Slip Stitch - sl st.

• Chain - ch

• Single Crochet - sc.

• Back Loop Only Single Crochet - BLO sc.

Pattern instructions:

This project will be worked in flat rows and the standard stitch required to crochet is single crochet (sc). The overall skill level required is beginner with basic knowledge.

Spacial stitches:

Back loop only single crochet - BLO sc.

In crochet, we normally crochet by inserting the hook in both front and back loops on top of each stitch. But in the back loop only single crochet (BLO sc) we only insert the hook in the back loop of the top stitch only which is marked in red in the following picture.

Finished size:

6" x 6".

NOTE: the size might be slightly different it depends on your stitches if they were tight or loose.


Row 1: Leaving a long tail of yarn, start with a slip knot and make 17 ch and turn.

Row 2: Starting from the second chain from the hook make 16 sc and turn.

Row 3: ch 1 (this will be counted as the first stitch) and make 16 BLO sc and turn.

Row 4 to row 14: ch 1 and make 16 BLO sc and turn.

Row 15: After you finish the last row (row 14) make 10 ch and sl st into the last sc from row 14.

Fasten off leaving a long tail and weave both long tails from the beginning and end it into the body.

You can add your personal touch by mixing colors or add a border along the edges.

Now your potholder is ready to be used.

Note: If you would like your pot holder to be bigger, you can increase the number or starting chains in ROW 1 and the number of the total rows worked to your personal preference. Also, note that this project is made from fabric yarn. Keep it away from fire sources and be safe.

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