Ramadan Decorations

Decorate your home with a very simple crochet technique🌙✨

This beautiful wall hanger is made by using only single crochet with CRO&KNIT yarn

As it is the holly month of Ramadan, we as Muslims start decorating our homes with different types of decorations like lights, lanterns and more. In this guide you will learn how to make one of these decorations by using Cro&Knit T-shirt yarn in triangular shapes.

You can choose the size of your triangle. However, in this pattern you will make medium size triangles, and you can control the size by adding or reducing the number of chains at beginning.

What we will need:

• 3-4 different colors CRO&KNIT T-shirt Yarn (each ball of yarn will make 4 triangles of the medium size).

• 7.00 mm crochet hook.

• A large needle for weaving in the ends.

Terminology (US):

• Chain – ch

• Single crochet – sc

• Decrease – dec

Pattern instructions:

This project will be worked in rows and the standard stitch required to crochet is single crochet (sc)

Drawn Pattern:

Written Pattern:

Row One

Chain 15, then make single crochet in each (15 SC), chain 1 to start the new Row.

Row Two

Single crochet in each and last two make decrease (dec) so we end up this row having (14 SC), chain one.

Row Three

Single crochet in each and last two decrease (dec) so we end up this row having (13 SC), chain one.

Row 4 to 15

And so on for the next 12 rows until you have only 2 single crochet, we decrease the chain until there is only one single crochet, cut the yarn off and sew the ends, then you can use either the needle or a crochet hook to install the yarn in the while piece.

Then repeat the steps to make different colors of the triangles

After you make the triangles with different colors, use the large needle to install all of them in long string like a rope; use the needle to pass it through the chains at the beginning of the first row, you can choose the color and the length you want it to be.

Enjoy decorating!

Ramadan Mubarak everyone❤️

Pattern is written by Hajer Abdulaziz

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