Tube Yarn Puff


• Any yarn leftovers lying around.

• One ball of Cro&Knit tube yarn.

• Fabric (30” x 30”).

• Pair of scissors.

• Sewing needle.

• Stuffing.

• Thread.

• Pen.

Pattern instructions:

This project will be worked in rounds. You will be using your hands to pull up the stitches instead of hooks. Loops will remain open, be careful while knitting around so you will not end up with dropped or loose stitches.


Round 1: Start with a magic ring leaving about 12” tail. Pull up a loop about (3.5” tall) from the inside of the ring. After that, pull up another loop from the inside of the loop you just made and repeat until you have 13 double loops around your magic ring. Now close the ring tight by pulling the ring’s loose tail.

NOTE: there will be a small hole left in the middle that will be closed in the next steps. Do not try to close it.

Mark the last loop of the row by adding a piece of yarn around the loop. Use the marked loop as an indicator to where the round ends.

Round 2 – 8 (6 rounds): pull up a loop in every loop from previous round. When you reach to the marked loop, move the marker up to keep track.

NOTE: DO NOT cut the yarn at the end of round 8.

Before closing the puff make an inner cushion in order for the puff to hold its shape. Leave the puff aside for now and make your cushion.

Step 1: bring the fabric and fold it into two halves.

Step 2: Bring a 14.5” long piece of yarn and tie it to a pen. Place the free end of the yarn in the inner corner of the folded fabric and press down with your thumb. Hold the pen with the other hand and stretch. While doing so, draw a corner to corner curve on the fabric.

Step 3: while the fabric is folded cut the fabric on the drawn curve. You will end up with 27” circle.

Step 4: bring the sewing needle and thread and use the running stitch to sew around the circle edges with leaving about 0.5” to 1” seam allowance.

Step 5: pull the running stitch tail to close the circle a bit.

Add the stuffing (do not stuff firmly) inside the fabric and pull through the fabric close. Before securing the thread check if the cushion fits the puff when It's closed. If not remove some stuffing else secure the thread and cut. Now let us go back to the first round of the puff. Use the long tail left to create a knot and place it in the middle of the closed ring.

Now let us go back to the first round of the puff. Use the long tail left to create a knot and place it in the middle of the closed ring.

Round 9: grab the end of the remaining yarn and insert it back and forth in every loop.

Add the cushion inside the puff make sure that the sewed end in facing down and pull the tail close leaving a little gap.

With the extra yarn, make another knot and pass it through the stitches to the inside of the puff. Place the knot inside the hole (similar to the first gap). Now the last step is to cut and hide the remaining tube yarn inside the puff.

That's it! Enjoy your tube yarn puff and don't forget to share your creations with us via Instagram by simply clinking on the link below.

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